Bodybuilding Nutrition for Beginners

So, you’re a beginner to bodybuilding, huh? Ready to dive right into the deep end and get cracking? – I admire your enthusiasm, but hold on just a second… you need to know the fundamentals of what makes good bodybuilding nutrition or your efforts are going to be in vain!

Muscle Building Diets for Bulking

From the outset, the idea of ‘bulking up’ would seem no more complex than eating everything in sight; the more the merrier, in fact. The error in this is, it’s not how much you eat per se, but how much calories the food contains that you eat – plus, there are other factors which I’ll explore in more detail in …

The Recommended Intake of Protein for Muscle Building

You no doubt recognise that protein is important for ensuring muscle growth and a diet rich in protein is beneficial, though there are many arguments when it comes down to specifics such as how much you should consume per day – it seems no-one can agree – not even the so-called experts or professional bodybuilders.