Swallowing Raw Eggs for Bodybuilding and Weight Lifting

If swallowing raw eggs wasn’t a popular practice before Rocky hit our screens in 1976, it certainly was afterwards. But, what are the benefits of swallowing raw eggs when it comes to bodybuilding, and are there any dangers involved?

Build Muscle Tone

Whether your ultimate goal is to have the same kind of muscle mass as a pro bodybuilder, or just look as if you work out, I’d put money on it that there is one thing everybody wants, ultimately: a toned, hard, defined body.

Get Lean for Summer by Reducing Calories

You’ve bulked, or you still are bulking, but you eyes are firmly on the prize: you want to get lean and cut for summer, and finally expose those hard won muscles for all to see. But, how do you go about it?

You Need to Consume Extra Calories to Build Muscle

I remember when I first begun lifting weights, I didn’t really bother changing my diet at all. In fact, for a while all I did was lift, and that was it. And, I did notice a difference. I did put on some extra muscle, but, certainly not an amount which was really noticeable to anybody but myself.

Building Serious Lean Muscle While Minimizing Fat Gains

When the idea first came to you about bulking yourself up and packing on some muscle I’m betting the image you had in your minds eye was that of a bulky, muscular physique, with low body fat showing off all of those hard earned muscles in all of their glorious definition. You don’t want it covered by a thick layer …

How to Eat Correctly to Build Muscle

Building muscle is a pretty simple affair yet so many for numerous reasons struggle with it, try to overcomplicate it, misunderstand it, and get it wrong. There are 3 components to building muscle: correct training, correct eating, and rest. And, that’s all there is to it.

Bodybuilding Nutrition for Beginners

So, you’re a beginner to bodybuilding, huh? Ready to dive right into the deep end and get cracking? – I admire your enthusiasm, but hold on just a second… you need to know the fundamentals of what makes good bodybuilding nutrition or your efforts are going to be in vain!

The Recommended Intake of Protein for Muscle Building

You no doubt recognise that protein is important for ensuring muscle growth and a diet rich in protein is beneficial, though there are many arguments when it comes down to specifics such as how much you should consume per day – it seems no-one can agree – not even the so-called experts or professional bodybuilders.