The Ideal Body Fat Percentage

Simply put, the body fat percentage measurement is the estimate of how much of our overall body weight is comprised of fat. For instance, a person weighing 230lb with a body fat percentage of 10% will have 23lb of body fat, or there about.

The Best Diet for Building Muscle

Diet is the single most important aspect of bodybuilding, and, it’s where those who don’t put the effort in, or don’t have the knowledge to put together a good diet plan fail.

How to Build Muscle and Avoid Excess Fat

If you look at most bodybuilding articles, firstly they will tell you that you can’t build muscle without putting on fat – true to an extent, you can’t – and many will tell you to simply completely ignore the amounts of fat you are putting on whilst building muscle because you can cut later.

5 Muscle Building Diet Tips

Of course, successful bodybuilding is the sum of many parts, but, if there were to be one single aspect which will halt your progress point blank quicker than any other, that would be diet.

Anabolic Diet for Bodybuilding

Diet is the most important aspect of bodybuilding, and it always amazes me to find that people somehow think they can ‘cheat’ their body into growth without having to put the work in with the fork.

How Does Protein Help Build Muscle Mass?

We’re always told to eat a load of protein. Some people seem to eat absolutely staggering amounts, even 3 grams per lb of bodyweight, I’ve seen in some cases. We’re inundated with protein supplements. It’s obvious our bodies need protein for a balanced diet and good health, but my question is, do we need protein to build muscle mass? Firstly, …

Increase Testosterone with Saturated Fat

Mention fats to the average person in the street, and the first thing that will spring to mind is either a slab of meat with stretchy, jelly-like fats firmly attached, or an unhealthy obese individual, a walking-cholesterol time-bomb.

Best Protein for Muscle Building

Whenever talk of how to put muscle on begins, it’s a given that protein is going to be mentioned. And, usually the actual amounts which are needed… such as 1-2 gram per lb of bodyweight, etc. How many times have you seen this? Must be hundreds, right?

Low Carb Muscle Building

Many bodybuilders pursue ‘bulking’ with reckless abandon, in that they will eat whatever they can lay their hands on to make the calories up – and carbs (carbohydrates) can often form a disproportionately large portion of their diet.