Building Lean Muscle: Why You Should Clean Bulk

Bodybuilding has two gears… building muscle, or losing fat. We’re either getting bigger, or getting smaller, in one way or another. In an ideal world, a bodybuilder wouldn’t have to cut, because everything he ate would be used for pure muscle growth, and the remainder would disappear into thin air rather than the reality of having the excess stored as …

How Much Should I Weigh?

I see it all the time, and I hear it all the time. People, and society, are obsessed about weight and what they should be weighing and what they shouldn’t be weighing, and what the ‘average’ weight for a person of a certain height, age, gender is, etc, etc.

How to Stay Lean Once You’ve Finished Losing Fat

Losing fat can be one heck of a task which can seem to go on forever. It’s not uncommon to hear of people taking well over a year to lose several stone, so it’s a serious business. Once fat… one should take very good care to ensure that they aren’t again, because it’s just time wasted since you can’t build …

Gain Muscle Mass With the Right Diet and Training

Vague advice is often the name of the bodybuilding game, and it sucks when you are a beginner trying to find out what you need to do in order to get big, when all you get in response to your question is: train and eat.

Bodybuilding Diets that Work

You’ve probably heard it a million times before – from me alone! – that diet is 90% or more of bodybuilding, and it truly is. Don’t ever think for one second you’re going to be able to buck the trend the rest of bodybuilding humanity is bound by and grow muscles without a proper diet – because you’re not.

Warning: What to Eat to Become Fatter

Nobody like’s being overweight, and I know from experience, there are people at the other end of the spectrum who absolutely detest being underweight and would love nothing more than to put on a few extra pounds of fat so they didn’t look to be all skin and bone.

The Ideal Body Fat Percentage

Simply put, the body fat percentage measurement is the estimate of how much of our overall body weight is comprised of fat. For instance, a person weighing 230lb with a body fat percentage of 10% will have 23lb of body fat, or there about.

The Best Diet for Building Muscle

Diet is the single most important aspect of bodybuilding, and, it’s where those who don’t put the effort in, or don’t have the knowledge to put together a good diet plan fail.

How to Build Muscle and Avoid Excess Fat

If you look at most bodybuilding articles, firstly they will tell you that you can’t build muscle without putting on fat – true to an extent, you can’t – and many will tell you to simply completely ignore the amounts of fat you are putting on whilst building muscle because you can cut later.