Does Protein Intake Really Build Muscle?

The whole damn bodybuilding world is protein mad. There a literally a million and one protein supplements to choose from – each claiming to be the best, with added ingredients you simply must have for incredible muscle gains…

How to Gain Weight through Eating the Right Foods

Although those who are obese are often desperate to lose weight, probably the biggest and most overlooked group of people are those on the other end of the coin – those who are very skinny and desperate to gain weight. In this article, I’m going to address just what you need to do to gain the right kind of weight.

An Introduction to Bulking and Cutting

Building muscle can be done in a few ways, but, without doubt, the most common way is to do it in cycles of bulking and cutting. This is known as periodization, when periods of time are spent on performing a specific task, before switching, to perform another task. What is bulking and cutting?

Reality Bites: Why Are People So Fat?

This is going to be one hell of a controversial article, but, I guess it couldn’t be any other way when addressing this very real issue. I’ve seen many people in recent years wondering why, and asking why there are so many fat people these days. Just what happened to make just about everyone overweight?

Building Lean Muscle: Why You Should Clean Bulk

Bodybuilding has two gears… building muscle, or losing fat. We’re either getting bigger, or getting smaller, in one way or another. In an ideal world, a bodybuilder wouldn’t have to cut, because everything he ate would be used for pure muscle growth, and the remainder would disappear into thin air rather than the reality of having the excess stored as …

How Much Should I Weigh?

I see it all the time, and I hear it all the time. People, and society, are obsessed about weight and what they should be weighing and what they shouldn’t be weighing, and what the ‘average’ weight for a person of a certain height, age, gender is, etc, etc.

How to Stay Lean Once You’ve Finished Losing Fat

Losing fat can be one heck of a task which can seem to go on forever. It’s not uncommon to hear of people taking well over a year to lose several stone, so it’s a serious business. Once fat… one should take very good care to ensure that they aren’t again, because it’s just time wasted since you can’t build …

Gain Muscle Mass With the Right Diet and Training

Vague advice is often the name of the bodybuilding game, and it sucks when you are a beginner trying to find out what you need to do in order to get big, when all you get in response to your question is: train and eat.