Casein Protein Powder

Casein Protein Facts

You’ve no doubt heard of whey protein before, and, may even supplement with it. If you’ve never heard of casein protein before, it’s important you familiarize yourself with it and its extra special uses so it provides maximum benefits to you when used properly.

Chances are you are even using casein protein even if you aren’t aware of the fact, because, casein is milk protein. Yup, every glass of milk you drink contains casein.

Normally people want protein to be absorbed as quickly as possible, but in some instances, slower is better. For instance, when you are sleeping – which should be for a whole 7 hours – your body is basically starved. Any fast acting protein you had before bed would have long since gone, leaving your muscles open to catabolism.

Likewise with any long daytime periods of not eating – casein can help.

Here are some important and interesting casein protein facts…

  • Casein is a slow releasing protein, because it congeals in the stomach. It is, therefore, known to be the best protein to have before sleep.
  • Casein is not best used as a primary source of daytime protein – particularly not after a workout, simply because it is too slow releasing to build muscle effectively – but it’s slow releasing nature makes it the best protein for preventing catabolism and sparing muscle.
  • Casein protein is available to feed muscle growth for up to 5-7 hours after ingesting.
  • Casein protein comes in three forms: 1: Calcium Caseinate (lowest quality) 2: Micellar Casein (100% casein – the best form of casein) and 3: Milk Protein Isolate which is casein mixed with whey protein.
  • Casein protein in cows milk has a biological value of 66, however, casein refined for use in supplements can have a biological value of around 77. (Whole eggs are considered the perfect protein, and the benchmark for all proteins, with a biological value of 100.)
  • Casein is a complete protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids.

Well, there it is. Casein can be a powerful ally in your muscle building endeavours, so, make good use of it!

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