Cardio vs Building Muscle

The difference between cardio and building muscle is like night and day – meaning you need to understand what your actual goal is. Are you looking for a little tone, more endurance and stamina or do you wish to look good with larger muscles? This should be an easy choice for most men and women.

Cardio doesn’t build muscle in itself to much degree as is more geared toward body conditioning and overall fitness levels. It burns calories and can help with fat loss, providing one is consuming fewer calories per day than their body requires as this is the only way to lose weight.

Generally its women who gravitate toward cardio to compliment their reduced calorie diet regimes and since cardio does help tone up and build the leg muscles say from using a treadmill, it’s great for women who don’t wish to lift weights. I say leave cardio to the females – let’s look at building muscle.

I believe building muscle is an activity all men should take part in. It helps us become bigger and stronger, which in turn adds many benefits to our lives and the way we feel about ourselves. It’s not nice knowing you’re pretty weak, is it? That’s one reason I began to develop my muscles and I’ve never looked back since.

Building muscle is so much different to cardio training as you’re moving heavy weight about and taxing your muscles like nothing in the cardio room at the gym could accomplish in a year of running. Strength gains come quick in the beginning and so do size gains. Lifting weights naturally lifts men’s testosterone and hormone levels to help in the recovery and muscle building process after working out.

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