Building Upper Body Size

The upper body consists of many muscle groups, and in order to build maximum upper body size, each muscle group needs to be worked in the right way, with the most effective exercises.

In this article I’ll tell you the muscles of the upper body you need to work, and also the best exercises to build them.


Front: Military press, bench press

Middle: Lateral raises, upright rows

Rear: Bent over rows, rear dumbbell lateral raises

Biceps: Bicep curls, incline dumbbell curls, concentration curls

Triceps: Close grip bench press, French curls, skull crushers

Forearms: Barbell wrist curl, reverse barbell wrist curl

Chest: Bench press, dips, dumbbell flys

Abs: Crunches

Traps: Upright rows, barbell shrugs

Lower back: Dead lift

Lats: Bent over rows

When trying to build size, each body part should be worked once a week and a well-made program will ensure that confliction (the inevitable issue of a muscle being worked again as part of another muscles workout, although it’s not being targeted itself purposely) is kept to a minimum, to allow for maximum recovery.

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