Building Huge Biceps and How to Get Them

Whenever anybody yells: “Show us your muscles!” it’s always the biceps they want to see, isn’t it? Every single time. It’s almost expected. I dare say they’d be disappointed if you actually hit another pose other than the biceps.


For reasons unfathomable, or maybe simply because they are easily view able, the biceps are viewed as the bicepssexiest, most fascinating part of the physique: and women love them – even if the guy is ugly, the chicks still dig the guy… how sweet is that?

Studies have shown that for a lot of women, having a good pair of biceps is a powerful turn on, and, quite often, the first thing they notice about a man. It’s even been said they do for a woman as breasts do for a man, so needless to say, they shouldn’t be neglected, if you’re smart.

But, how do you go about building these “mountains”, as Arnold often referred to his biceps? Is it complicated? Are there any secrets you should know which can help you to build a good size, fast? All will be revealed…

The first thing you should know is, the biceps are a small muscle group, and are easily over trained. Overtraining is the most common problem people have in trying to develop their bicep size. Work them once a week, in conjunction with a well laid out program (i.e. on a day you end up working your biceps through a compound movement, such as bent over rows, for instance) and never more than twice a week – unless you have improved recuperation ability because of, ahem, steroids. In which case, you may be able to handle more.

The second thing you should know is, the biceps are actually made up of two heads. By using different levels of palm supination (i.e.: facing up, facing inward, facing down, etc.), you can hit both heads of the biceps, which is what you will need to do in order to see maximum growth.

What exercises?

I’d highly recommend loading a straight barbell up with as much weight as you can handle with good form, using a grip around shoulder width, and doing regular bicep curls for any rep range between 7 – 15, for 3 sets, stripping weight if necessary if you can’t reach a minimum of 7. But in doing so, perhaps increasing the reps to compensate. The idea is to tire the muscles out, after all.

At this time I should also point out that, the biceps get bored easily; so every few weeks or every month at the most, you should change your bicep exercise for something slightly different. Keep it fresh, and keep the muscles growing.

So, we have straight-bar barbell curls. What else?

EZ-Curl Bar Bicep Curls

Yes, very similar to bicep curls with a straight bar, except the palms are now facing more inward on a curved bar, which many find more of a natural lifting position, and at the very least, it’s a fresh angle for you to use. Curl as you would a straight bar.

Hammer Curls

Holding 2 heavy dumbbells at your side, again, for 7 – 15 reps, 3 sets, curl them to your shoulder, then back down, keeping your palms facing inward at all times, alternating, right, left, right, left, etc, until each arm has had 7 – 15 reps.

This is a great exercise to help build the peak of the bicep, which makes people (particularly the ladies) go crazy when flexed.

Reverse Curls

And the last one, the reverse curl. Rather than use an underhand grip, an overhand grip is used here. Use a straight barbell or EZ-Curl bar, and with an overhand grip, simply curl as you would do normally. Yet again, this hits the muscle at a different angle.

You won’t be able to lift as much weight because of the overhand grip, plus, because of the palm facing down, this puts your biceps at a mechanical disadvantage to how it was designed to work. But, that’s a good thing in this case – as different exercises with heavy weight are what bring change.

It’s important that at the top of every repetition you squeeze your biceps hard, and on the negative repetition (lowering), you lower slowly. Most of the muscle is used on the negative repetition so you really want to emphasize it.

Follow these guidelines and, with enough nutrients and rest, (see my other articles), your biceps will grow like crazy. Trust me!

In building your biceps, don’t neglect the triceps to balance the arm out. Plus, triceps make up the majority of the size of your upper arm size. Around 2/3 of, to be accurate.

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