Building a Positive Body Image

I think most people have looked in the mirror at themselves at some time in their lives and seen things they don’t like – our hair, our face, or maybe our entire bodies.

Well, unfortunately I’m no surgeon, so I can’t give you the nose or chin of your dreams, but what I can do is tell you (and show you) that building a positive body image by lifting weights and following a healthier lifestyle is very possible. It’s empowering, and hype aside – it will change your life, and how people react to you forever.

I’ve seen it with my own two eyes. I’ve experienced it myself, even. Once you have a body which is of superior condition, you feel ultra confident and empowered, and you realize that you can do absolutely anything in life. Not only this, but the whole world reacts differently to you. Hey – you may not be the best looking person in the face, but having a body that’s in shape will make you radiate confidence and self-worth, and boy, people will start to treat you with the high value you now have.

You may be a complete mess now. I don’t know. But, don’t ever let that crush your hope and your willing to make a change. It’s difficult, I know. But you know what? Everything happens one tiny step at a time. Don’t look at the big picture, look at the small picture and focus on that. Don’t think about the 1 – 2 years it’s going to take to have the body of your dreams. Doing so will make you think it’s impossible to make such a drastic change. Focus only on one week at a time. Whether you are looking to lose 1lb of fat, or build 1lb of muscle, focus only on that, and you have literally a 100% more chance of making it happen.

I remember when I made my transformation, I knew there was a difference, but my minds eye had played it down somewhat. I didn’t honestly realize just how much I’d changed. It only became evident when I ran into people whom I hadn’t seen for years, they were dumbfounded. The best part was the people who didn’t really treat me with the kind of respect I felt I deserved seemed to almost be looking for approval from me – women included.

So, just to hammer the point home, the single most important thing you can ever do in life and in changing your body is not to become overawed by the big picture. Take it one day, one week at a time and no more. Aim to complete your small goals, and the big goals will always take care of themselves.

Take care – and start making those small changes today.

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