Build Muscle Power Without Bulk

Not every person lifting weights in the gym are doing so to achieve a powerful looking masculine physique. While there are many guys (and girls) pumping iron and taking all manner of supplements to primarily increase the size of their most prominent and visible muscle groups, others are lifting and eating in order to build pure muscle power, and these people don’t like nor want “bulk”.

Athletes that require speed and agility above brute strength look toward endurance training to suit their needs while football players, wrestlers, UFC fighters etc should all be looking to train purely for strength in regard to training their muscles.

Endurance training requires a low set range with high repetitions – for example 3 sets of 10 repetitions, perhaps even more repetitions per set depending on the individuals’ requirements. Strength training requires more sets and lower rep ranges, such as 5 sets of 5 reps.

The body is well equipped to add muscle to your frame without necessarily adding too much size or bulk. This is why often you will see slender guys in the gym lifting what seems like far too much for their frame, but then they handle the weight well and it’s a shock. It’s important to understand that muscle size does not always translate to performance and increased strength.

Adding size to your frame requires lifting weight and eating excess calories, where as adding strength only requires eating enough calories to supply energy for your workout but not so many that you put on additional body fat. Eating at maintenance will limit the amount of muscle you can build but you can still add substantial muscle mass to your frame without adding unnecessary bulk.

Another thing to note is that water and liquids make up the majority of your muscle mass and there’s a lot of guys walking around that look really pumped up from various supplements they’re taking such as the popular PUMP supplements used normally by the younger generations. Just because a muscle is full of water and liquid it doesn’t mean it’s more able than someone who trains hard and doesn’t fill their body with additional junk.

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