Beware the Muscle Mag Industry

Bodybuilding is such an exciting sport, and its participants so keen to learn the latest news, gossip, tips and tricks and reviews on the hottest new products, that I sometimes think we make perfect fodder for the muscle mag industry.

Using Dextrose for Bodybuilding

When you utilize your muscles during a heavy workout, they are depleted of their glycogen – which is what provides the energy to perform exercise to begin with. Having adequate glycogen stores at all times is also important for promoting muscle growth, repair and recovery.

The Average Time to Reach Genetic Weight Lifting Plateaus

It will happen – at some point during your bodybuilding ‘career’ shall we say, you will hit plateaus, and some are easier to beat than others. Usually a lack of food is to blame and one can often simply eat more calories per day and get right back on track making more strength and size gains. Other times it’s not …

The Recommended Intake of Protein for Muscle Building

You no doubt recognise that protein is important for ensuring muscle growth and a diet rich in protein is beneficial, though there are many arguments when it comes down to specifics such as how much you should consume per day – it seems no-one can agree – not even the so-called experts or professional bodybuilders.