Fitness Legend Jack Lalanne Dies at 96

Jack Lalanne, the “Godfather of Fitness” has passed away on January 23, 2011 at his home in Morro Bay, California. It was reported that he died from Pneumonia symptoms. I was not born during the time when his shows “The Jack LaLanne Show” was popular back in the 60’s & 70’s. But I’ve heard a lot about him and have …

Build Muscle Power Without Bulk

Not every person lifting weights in the gym are doing so to achieve a powerful looking masculine physique. While there are many guys (and girls) pumping iron and taking all manner of supplements to primarily increase the size

Deadlift Versus Leg Press

Often neglected the legs are an important muscle to train for numerous reasons that are beneficial to your overall muscle development. Without strong legs, you will find it increasingly more difficult to lift weight up to the initial starting position for upper body exercises, such as the barbell curl or standing overhead press.

Build Big Shoulders

Many consider well-rounded and big shoulders to be the most impressive and muscular looking aspect of a well developed body, and I certainly include myself in that category. Shoulders tell a lot about a guy who works out

Isolating Muscle Groups

Isolating specific muscle groups is key to maximizing the growth potential in the muscles you’re targeting.

E-Z Curl Bar Exercises

The E-Z curl is an interesting piece of equipment – what on earth can you do with this oddly zigzag shaped bar most beginners wonder.

Barbell Shrugs for Trap Muscle Development

The trap muscles (Trapezius), or “traps” as they’re known, are located in your upper body just below the neck and between your deltoid (shoulder) muscles, as illustrated in the image below. Looking from your back they run from the neck down to your upper back.

Bench Press Articles You Must Read

I’ve wrote numerous articles on the bench press here on my site over the years, all of which contain a wealth of information that can help improve your bench press and the form in which you perform one of the best upper body exercises there is.

Preventing Stretch Marks from Weight Lifting

We already know stretch marks are a problem for fat people and women during and after pregnancy, and we also know that teenagers often develop them during their growth years. What some people are blindsided by, and rather put off by when it happens, is the fact that weight training too can cause stretch marks.

Pectoralis Major Development

In bodybuilding – particularly competition – all muscles are important, but as some are more prominent than others, some are clearly more equal than others. If that weren’t the case, then Tom Platz wouldn’t have gotten such acclaim for his thighs. Arnold for his chest. Dorian Yates for his back, etc. They would have gotten criticism for their extreme parts.