Best Protein for Muscle Building

Whenever talk of how to put muscle on begins, it’s a given that protein is going to be mentioned. And, usually the actual amounts which are needed… such as 1-2 gram per lb of bodyweight, etc. How many times have you seen this? Must be hundreds, right?

That is usually where the advice ends, though, leaving you to your own devices. Protein is protein… piece of cake. Well, not that I get off on making things more complex – but I do need to bring this up… not all proteins are equal.

In fact, different sources of protein provide different quality protein, and also different proteins have different properties. Let’s examine what I mean…

Bodybuilders tend to have a fascination with beef as their primary source of protein. And, true, beef is a great source. But, it’s not the best. Yes – I repeat – there are better sources of protein out there.

Without question, the best source of protein for a budding bodybuilder is the protein from egg whites. That is because; it has the highest absorption rate of any other type of protein, followed by milk, fish and then beef.

It’s crucial that, of the protein you eat, it’s absorbed. If it’s not absorbed, what good is it? So, I highly recommend eating as much egg white as possible, and if you can tolerate milk (many can’t) then plenty of that, also.

A good tip is to consume milk before bedtime, because milk protein (casein) is a slow release protein, which helps to sustain the body throughout rest, so you don’t become starved and start to metabolise muscle mass.

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