Best Muscle Building Exercises for Building Mass

When I first began bodybuilding I had aspirations of having enormous muscles. I eventually found this isn’t possible without steroids, but, for a natural bodybuilder I don’t think I’ve done too badly at all, really. In fact, I know I could’ve done a lot worse.

One key element to my success was finding which lifts built the most muscle mass. And also, understanding how the body works as a system, and how working only certain parts of a body and neglecting the others could mean the areas being worked could in fact have very little growth, if any at all – all because the body is a system, and should be worked as such.

If you think how you lift things naturally in every day life, say, a cardboard box filled with junk from your garage, that you do so not just using you arms. You put your back in to it, your legs, you arms – several muscle groups. That is the body working as a system as best as it knows how, to complete the task. That is lifting how your body was designed to do – and that, is precisely how to best build muscle: by lifting how your body was designed to work.

It may sound complicated, but by learning the correct execution of several basic ‘compound’ lifts, you’ll be working your body how it was designed to do, and maximizing your muscle gains for your troubles.

The basic compound movements you must do are: squats, bench press, dead lift, bent over rows.

Although describing the lifts in detail is beyond the scope of this article, I do have a free online e-mail course you can sign up for below, which you will receive training from including the correct execution of the basic compound lifts.

It’s incredibly important that you don’t neglect your legs, particularly the quads. Not so you don’t look like a chicken, but, because if you don’t work your legs – the biggest muscle groups in your body, I might add – then your body won’t release as much growth hormone, which contributes greatly to the growth of your other muscles.

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