Are Muscle Building Pills Good for You

The key components for building muscle are training, diet and rest. Contrary to what some may think, you do not need to purchase anything other than foods which contain protein, carbohydrates and fats. The promotion and consumption of various potions, pills and powders which claim to miraculously speed up muscle growth disturbs me enough to explain my thoughts on the issue.

There is no magic bullet or pill for building muscle. The pills you may see in the fitness magazines range from vitamins, to liver tablets, protein, caffeine and creatine pills plus over a hundred different combinations of various formula’s all in pill form which claim all manner of benefits to the average bodybuilder.

While I readily admit there are some benefits to taking in extra nutrients and vitamins, the price being charged for most of these pills are astronomical and the benefits (to which there are hardly none) are really not worth your money or time invested in consuming them daily or multiple times per day like most of the companies selling them advise.

It is simply about making money off the back of your dreams, and the more pills they can convince you to buy and keep on taking, the more money for their shareholders. The fitness industry is terrible for making large chunks of money off the blood and sweat of young men everywhere.

If your diet is good and consists mainly of whole foods which are rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients then you have no real reason to invest in so-called pills for speeding up your gains. In my opinion these sorts of pills are perfect for OCD style personality types – those that enjoy routine and repetitive action. You may know guys at work or college who take various pills throughout the day, often these guys will be taking over 10 different pills under the mistaken belief that they’re doing them much good at all.

If your time is valuable then stay away from this stuff because it takes enough dedication to keep your diet and training in check every day. Busy people with busy lives don’t need the added hassle of taking over stuff on top of that. I simply do not agree with it.

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