5 Benefits of Using Creatine

These days, I’d be very surprised if there are any top-flight athlete’s in any sport who don’t use creatine. But, what is the big fascination with this supplement? What exactly are the benefits of using it?

Let’s take a look:

#1: Gain Energy

Now, let’s not get this confused: creatine in itself is not an energy source. But, the function of creatine is to help the body shuttle the body’s existing available energy and nutrients to where they are needed, which enables you to work out harder and longer simply because of better energy deliverance.

#2: Get A Better Pump

The pump is oft-misunderstood. Many believe it to be useless, and to have no value beyond the short boost in cosmetic appearance of the muscle. However, much evidence suggests that getting a good pump can in fact help to spur muscle growth by stretching the tough and stubborn casings the muscle fibres are housed in, commonly known as the muscle fascia. And because creatine helps to give you a huge pump, this may well be a contributing factor to the great muscle gains which can be derived from it’s usage.

#3: Recover quicker

With a good creatine, you can recover at a much faster rate. I’m not simply talking post-workout, either. But, many users report their ability to recover is enhanced dramatically during their workout, enabling them to work out harder and longer.

Now let’s take a look at the post-workout benefits of quick recovery. First of all, the painful lactic acid which builds up in the muscles is removed far quicker by using a creatine supplement than by not using it. And because of it’s amazing efficiency at directing the nutrients to where they are needed, repair and growth of the muscle fibres is sped up, meaning quicker gains, and less chance of overtraining by not fully recovering.

#4: Make good muscle gains in a short time

Creatine is infamous for this; and it is undoubtedly the most sough-after feature for bodybuilders. Which bodybuilder doesn’t want to gain muscle?

Creatine works to help you build muscle in 2 ways. Firstly, as has been explained, it let’s you work out harder – beyond your normal capacity. It’s a basic fact of bodybuilding that you must push yourself if you are to make muscle gains, and creatine, by helping your body utilize energy better, allows you to do this.

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