5 Benefits of Lifting Weights

There are plenty of benefits to lifting weights. Let’s face it, if there weren’t – people wouldn’t do it (there’s logic you can’t beat!). Seriously though, right off of the top of my head, I’m going to list 5 benefits to lifting weights regularly – each in their own right are an excellent reason to lift…

So let’s go…

1: You get stronger.

Not only is being strong (for a man, or woman) a benefit in every day life, but if you do sports it can be a huge performance booster. Plus, as you get older, having strength benefits from lifting weights will see you have a much higher quality of life than your peers who’ll basically wither and waste away. Sad, but true.

2: You keep your heart healthy.

It may seem like a boring one – because we all take it for granted – but to our overall health and wellbeing, giving the heart a good, regular workout and getting the blood rushing is fantastic for the heart. Remember: the heart is a muscle too!

3: It helps to boost your metabolism.

As we get older, we tend to eat less, and do less physical activity. The result is, our body’s entire system runs much slower. It’s basically winding down. As our bodies wind down, our metabolism (the system which processes our energy input) runs much slower. The result is, we put on weight much easier.

By lifting weights – and eating a health diet, especially more food than normal – the system is given a great boost, so putting fat on is much more difficult. You can now eat more of the foods you like – just like you did when you were younger. (Just don’t take that as a license to be greedy!)

4: You look better.

It’s a fact that both men and women look better when they are lean, hard bodied and shapely. And if a guy can have a fair bit of muscle, he looks great. And if a woman can have a bit to give her body more shape, she looks amazing.

Anyone who says that people who do weights to keep in shape and maintain low body fat look ‘urgh’ are jealous because they’re too damn lazy to pull their own bodies up out of the gutter they’ve driven themselves into.

5: It builds discipline.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to get and keep in shape. Some enjoy it, some hate it. But, all who get off their asses and do it deserve every positive comment, every admiring glance, and the best of health. Anyone who can stick to something like lifting weighs to stay in shape – which is a lifetime commitment – then they can accomplish anything in life they set their minds to.

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